Finding inspiration all around him, Jon Omen has written songs reflecting every heartache and happiness.

Having grown up with a passion for music and constantly playing a guitar, it was only natural for Jon to begin writing music with the goal of impacting anyone who listens.

With an ear for what makes a good song, the Salt Lake City singer and songwriter has been able to create tracks that defy genre. 


Jon was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah and began writing music at age 14, along with participating in other art forms, including performing in a Disney movie. After high school, he turned down a chemistry scholarship to join the Marine Corps. During his service, he placed roots near the city in his twenties when he gained acquaintances at a local studio, where he was able to create music and receive industry advice on how to succeed as an artist. He played in several bands around the city, playing mostly rock and alternative. 

After deciding to reinvent himself, he began a solo project, trying to find new sounds. With inspiration from Foster The People, The Neighborhood, and AJR, Jon has been able to create a sound entirely his own. Jon has released three singles, with the hope to release his full album in 2020.